All our tutors are graduates/undergraduates of G5 universities and have ample tutoring experience. All our tutors are specialists in their field and dedicated to sharing their passion for their subject with their students.  

After an initial meetings tutors will devise an entirely personalised scheme of work. This means that all programmes can be tailored to the student’s individual needs and requirements. Lessons are always dynamic and stimulating and are designed to consolidate foundational knowledge but also to push students beyond the specification and enjoy their subject in new and exciting ways.  

Tutors provide regular comprehensive progress reports. These reports allow students and parents to keep a close eye on the student’s progress. Our tutors will also give recommendations of what the students should be doing in their own time to maximise their own progress.  

Tuition Styles


Most of our students request one-to-one tuition. One-to-one lessons allow students to focus on their own difficulties and foster a productive dynamic between teacher and student. The tutors will devise programmes that fit the student’s needs exactly allowing for rapid progress and development. Students can also work with tutors to set their own attainment goals and work collaboratively to achieve these.  


One-to-two lessons can also be extremely productive. They encourage collaborative work between students and allow for a healthy exchange of ideas and even competition. This option is often seen as a less intense alternative to one-to-one tuition, whilst students still benefit from close contact with the tutor and the ability to request topics of their choosing.

Group Lessons

For students who enjoy very dynamic, fun and interesting classes, group lessons are often a good choice. In group lessons, students are able to participate in group work, games and quizzes which makes the learning process an extremely fun experience. Despite being in a group, students will still be able to track their individual progress through their regular progress reports and marked homework.