These terms and conditions apply to all parties who use our services. Agencies should make students, schools and parents/guardians aware of these conditions, as they are binding once a booking has been confirmed (see Confirmation of Booking).

  1. Outline of Asia UK Schooling services
  2. Booking, payment and scheduling
  3. Visa and arrivals
  4. Accommodation
  5. Student conduct
  6. Cancellations and refunds
  7. Students aged under 18
  8. Equal opportunities and discrimination
  9. Privacy notice

Outline of Asia UK Schooling’s Services


Asia UK Schooling acts as an independent contractor to supply and arrange travel, teaching and other services. We work with third parties such as airlines, hotels and other accommodation providers, local host families, tour guides, bus and rail companies, coach services, restaurants, attraction, tourist sites and other entertainment providers. This means that their conditions of use, cancellation and other policies may apply during your stay. We endeavour to make you aware of these at the time of booking, however we cannot take responsibility when our students and groups do not comply with a third party’s terms and conditions.

As we rely on third parties to provide our services, it may be the case that particular activities, excursions or itinerary details change with little or no notice. This includes changes to dates, locations, facilities & courses, and only occurs where changes are necessary due to circumstances beyond the company’s control. For those attending English course, the school/college reserves their right to offer alternative English courses in the event of low demand for particular dates. The school/college may also use locations in alternative premises during high season.

Where alterations to third party services means Asia UK Schooling must alter the schedule or itinerary, we endeavour to match your desired programme as closely as possible.

Booking, payment and scheduling

Confirmation of Booking

All bookings must be confirmed and agreed upon by both the client and Asia UK Schooling. Verbal agreement is not accepted as confirmation of booking – all verbal agreements must be followed up with written confirmation and agreed to by Asia UK Schooling. Clients should not book flights or arrange any accommodation until written confirmation has been received from Asia UK Schooling. Asia UK Schooling is not liable for costs incurred by arranging any services if confirmation of booking has not been issued.

Once confirmation of booking has been received, the terms set out in this agreement are binding.

Validity of Prices

Prices are valid at the time given only, and are not effective until a firm booking has been made.

Our prices rely on the prices of our suppliers, and therefore may be subject to change without notice.

Payment of Fees

All payments by students or their agents shall be made directly to Asia UK Schooling.  A deposit (amount to be determined at the point of booking) must be made to confirm the booking – at this point we will be able to book activities, accommodation and transport, and guarantee prices.

On receipt of your initial payment, Asia UK Schooling will send an invoice for the balance of fees payable and acceptance letter from your chosen school or college, if applicable. Full fees must be paid no later than 30 days before the start date. For all late payments made after the due date, a late payment fee of GBP £50 per student will be added. Asia UK Schooling reserves the right to cancel the booking if full payments are not made before the due date.

Visa and arrivals

Visa applications

If you require a visa you must contact the nearest British Embassy, Consulate or High Commission for your visa conditions. Visa applications and collection are the responsibility of the student or their agent in their home country. Asia UK Schooling will assist in providing documentation to support your visa application, however we cannot become directly involved in visa applications.

Visa Application Refusal

Should your visa application be rejected, please notify us in writing and with a copy of your visa refusal letter at least 7 working days before your course is due to start. In the case of a visa application being rejected and proper notice being given, Asia UK Schooling will refund the full tuition and accommodation fees, minus Asia UK Schooling’s admin fee and non-refundable charges from other service providers.

Refusal of Entry – UK Border Force

A student who is detained at the point of entry to the UK and is refused entry is not eligible for a refund.

Asia UK Schooling complies with UK Border Force rules regarding illegal entry to the UK and assists fully in any investigation.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfer fees include 1 hour waiting time from the scheduled time the flight has landed (we endeavour to keep transport providers informed of flight delays and cancellations). Where the waiting time exceeds one hour the student will be charged GBP 30/hour. For groups using coach bus transfer, any additional fees for waiting time incurred by the service provider will be charged to the group.

Changes to Airport Transfers

Any change to airport transfers must be sent to Asia UK Schooling at least 2 full working days before the designated date and time of arrival. If notice is not received an additional charge will apply.

Accident & Medical Insurance

Students and teachers/guardian/parents are not required to take out insurance as part of the booking, however Asia UK strongly recommends that medical insurance (via any provider) is taken out prior to departure for the UK.


Overview of accommodation provision

Asia UK Schooling acts as an intermediary in apartment lettings, hotel and hostel bookings and as such, we assist with the booking of external accommodation. However, we cannot be held liable for any extra charges, complaints, misrepresentations, breakages which occur as a result of your stay, or become involved in disputes between the accommodation provider and the client. While Asia UK Schooling will provide assistance in any disputes, any complaints must be taken up directly with the accommodation provider in the first instance.

Asia UK’s primary concern is to ensure all students are housed on arrival, and this means that Asia UK reserves the right to place students in home-stays that to do not fully match their requirements when necessary. This may be due to (but not restricted to): operational needs, changes in arrival dates, changes in availability, requests for twin / single rooms or preferences for pets. Please note that homestays are booked well in advance, and homestays for all students cannot be guaranteed if your schedule changes at short notice. Students may need to stay in private accommodation at their own expense if adequate notice of schedule changes is not received.

Accommodation of all types is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

Homestays are reserved from 17:00 on arrival day and students are asked to have vacated their rooms by 11:00 on departure days. Requests for availability outside of these times is not guaranteed.

Failure to disclose any specific needs (allergies or diets) which result in a change of accommodation will be subject to an Administration Fee and the student will be liable for any costs involved in moving to another accommodation.

Changes to Accommodation (After Arrival)

Changes to accommodation which incur a taxi fee for transferring from accommodation to school/accommodation are payable by the student(s) in all cases except where Asia UK has moved the student(s) due to circumstances beyond the control of the company.

Cancellations and refunds

Changes of Enrolments

Asia UK Schooling reserves the right to charge an administration fee each time course or accommodation details are changed or cancelled after a place has been confirmed. There is no administration fee for students who wish to increase the number of lessons per week or extend their stay (changes must comply with any visa restrictions you have). Any amendments to courses for students under 18 will must be confirmed in writing by their parent, agent or guardian.

Refund Policy

Once Asia UK has acknowledged receipt of a cancellation and confirmed that the booking is eligible for a refund, refunds will be paid within 28 days.

Asia UK Schooling does not give cash refunds. Any refunds will be paid electronically and must be returned to the same account used for purchase. Asia UK will not refund to a 3rd party or through alternate channels under any circumstances. Asia UK will not be liable for any bank charges or currency fluctuations which cause a reduction in the final amount refunded.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing and the following rules apply:


Fees may not be transferred between students once payment has been made to Asia UK Schooling. Unless in exceptional circumstances for the Oxford programme detailed below.

Cancellations: Non Refundable Charges

Asia UK Schooling works with other service providers to create itineraries and schedules, and books activities in advance in order to pass savings on to clients. Some of these payments are non-refundable, and our cancellation policy cannot cover services from third party providers.

Non-refundable charges include (but are not restricted to):

  • Registration fees
  • Entrance fees (eg. tickets to attractions and tourist sites)
  • Any fees or deposits relating to the social programme
  • Deposits for hotel rooms
  • Credit card charges
  • Bank charges
  • Transportation costs including coaches, bus & train fares and airport transfers
  • Asia UK Schooling administrative fees

Cancellations: Refunds for lessons

If cancellation is received in writing at least 30 days before the course start date, tuition fees will be refunded (less any non-refundable charges).

If cancellation is received in writing less than 30 days before the course start date , we cannot guarantee refunds. Although we will endeavour to secure a refund, tuition fee refunds are dependent on the policies of individual schools or colleges (and subject to reductions if they include any of our non-refundable charges).

Cancellations: Refunds for homestay accommodation

If cancellation is received at least 14 days before the accommodation arrival date, accommodation fees will be refunded (less any non-refundable charges).

If cancellation is received less than 14 days before the accommodation arrival date, 1 week of the accommodation plan will be charged (less non-refundable charges).

Should a student leave a homestay without notifying Asia UK, they will be liable for accommodation charges for the duration of their stay. Although we endeavour to work with students to find satisfactory alternatives, where students do not comply with us Asia UK cannot provide refunds for homestays.

Cancellation: Refunds for the social programme

If cancellation is received in writing at least 30 days before the start date, social programme fees will be refunded (less any non-refundable charges). Please note that fees for the social programme, especially excursions, are often paid well in advance, so please let us know of any changes or cancellations relating to the social programme as soon as possible.

If cancellation is received in writing less than 30 days before the course start date, we cannot guarantee refunds. Although we will endeavour to secure a refund, tuition fees refund are dependent on the policies of individual attractions, tourist sites and organisations (and subject to reductions if they include any of our non-refundable charges).

Cancellation: Refunds for Oxford University Campus programme

If cancellation is received in writing at least 120 days before the start date, Oxford Campus programme fees will be fully refunded (less any non-refundable charges).

If cancellation is received in writing at least 90 days before the start date, Oxford Campus programme fees will be refunded up to 50% (less any non-refundable charges).

If cancellation is received in writing at least 48 days before the start date, Oxford Campus programme fees will be refunded up to 30% (less any non-refundable charges).

After 48 days before start of programme no refunds will be processed unless the student is declared unfit for travel with medical evidence provided. In these circumstances up to 30% (less any non-refundable charges) may be provided or the product is transferred to another agreed person.

Please note that fees for the Oxford Campus programme, especially accommodation, venues, lecturers, tutors and excursions, are all paid well in advance, so please let us know of any changes or cancellations relating to the social programme as soon as possible.

If cancellation is received in writing less than minimum days before the course start date, we cannot guarantee any refunds. Although we will endeavour to secure a refund, fees refunded are dependent on the policies of Oxford University campus, individual attractions, tourist sites and organisations (and subject to reductions if they include any of our non-refundable charges).

Cancellations: Refunds for hotels and private accommodation

Private apartments are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled after the point of booking.

If cancellation is received in writing at least 30 days before the start date, subject to each hotel cancellation policy, partial refunds may be available (less any non-refundable charges). An administrative fee of GBP £25 will be deducted from any hotel refunds.

If hotels are cancelled with less than 14 days notice in writing, 1 night’s stay at the hotel will be charged (deposits for hotels will not be refunded, please see non-refundable charges).

Note: Policies vary greatly between accommodation providers. Certain arrangements may not be amended after they have been confirmed and any alteration could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of the cost.

Force Majeure

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions we will not be liable where bookings or our contractual obligations to you are affected by an event which we or the supplier(s) of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. These events can include, but are not limited to:

  • War or the threat of war
  • Civil strife, riots, terrorist activity or the threat of terrorist activity
  • An act of any government or other national/local authority including port or river authorities
  • Industrial dispute
  • Natural or nuclear disaster, fire, chemical or biological disaster
  • Adverse weather or adverse sea, ice and river conditions
  • All similar events outside our ora third party service provider’s control

Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute Force Majeure.

Resolution of Disputes

In the event of a dispute between an individual student and an education provider (eg. language school, secondary school or university), students should first follow the school’s own complaints procedures. Asia UK Schooling endeavours to facilitate any disputes between the education provider and the student/other involved parties – however we have no obligation to do so and are not liable for outcomes of any such disputes.

Asia UK Schooling is a UK company, and as such we will abide by and refer to UK law in any dispute.

Liability for loss of funds, injury or damages

We ask students/parents or guardians/agents make us aware of any medical conditions, allergies, recent injuries or anything else that could impact a student’s stay. Asia UK Schooling does not accept liability where full disclosure of medical conditions and allergies has not been made. Nor does it accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property, except where law imposes such liability.

As per our Refunds and Cancellation Policies, the student or agent is liable for any costs to Asia UK Schooling where adequate notice is not provided for changes to bookings or cancellations.

Student conduct

Expulsion from school/college

At the discretion of school staff/school director, schools reserve the right to expel students whose conduct is not acceptable. This includes but not limited to possession or consumption of illegal drugs, anti-social behaviour, smoking in restricted areas, causing malicious damage to accommodation or school premises, threatening students or staff, breaking school rules or local laws. No fees will be refunded in these cases and any unpaid fees will become payable immediately.

Asia UK Schooling will notify you of school fees due in a timely manner. Students (or parents or guardians where applicable) agree to pay tuition fees and other charges for the course by the school’s due date. It is understood and agreed that failure to pay may result in the expulsion of students and will potentially lead to further legal action. In the event of such termination Asia UK Schooling will no be liable for any resulting fines or legal proceedings and will have no further obligation to you or your party.

Student conduct during homestays

Asia UK Schooling reserves the right to cancel accommodation for students in circumstances where hosting is no longer a viable option. This includes case in which a student has behaved in an abusive or disruptive manner, either in the homestay or at school. In the case that a student’s behaviour has caused issues with the host family, Asia UK Schooling will attempt to resolve the situation in a way which is satisfactory for both student and host family: this may include moving the student to a new homestay. The new homestay is allocated at Asia UK’s discretion and may or may meet not the original booking requirements. Accommodation fees will not be refunded if a student has been moved due to poor conduct and the new homestay does not meet their requirements.

We are not obliged to host students who clearly display a lack of respect for the homestay providers, and if a student’s poor behaviour is particularly severe, we may choose not to arrange a new homestay. Students aged over 18 who are removed from their accommodation in such circumstances will need to arrange alternative accommodation. Those under 18 years of age will be sent home at their own expense.

Asia UK Schooling works in compliance with the Equality Act 2010, and as such Asia UK will not and cannot make decisions on accommodation based on a host’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or (dis)ability. Changes or requests which are in violation of the Equality Act 2010 will not be tolerated. Accommodation may be cancelled in this case and Asia UK will not be responsible for housing the student.

Students aged under 18

Responsibilities and guidelines for students aged under 18

There are various responsibilities for parents/guardians, schools and agencies regarding under 18s. The following is a general outline of our key terms and conditions regarding under 18s (see also our Safeguarding Policy).

Upon receiving their schedule, parents and guardians agree to their child’s participation in all aspects of the programme. If you do not wish for your child to take part in a particular activity, you must inform Asia UK Schooling upon receiving your schedule.

Groups of students aged under 18 must ensure that must be a reasonable adult:student ratio (this is discussed during booking). Different organisations and venues may request different ratios and groups must comply with these in order to be granted access.

If a student aged under 18 is expelled, students will be sent home to their parents without refund (see expulsion from school/college).


Students (or parents or guardians, where applicable) agree that Asia UK Schooling is authorized to use the students’ photos, videos, quotes and details of achievements for promotional activities without written consent or notification. Photos and other visual materials showing students are held in compliance with UK data protection laws.

Photos are used solely for use in promotional materials and to let you know how your child is getting on. In our experience, children and parents enjoy taking time to take photos during activities. Having photos also helps us to keep you updated on your child’s progress during their stay. Pictures make lovely souvenirs of a once in a lifetime experience and students are always keen to have their photos taken, especially on excursions and day trips.

However, we do understand that there are certain circumstances where parents/guardians may prefer that a child does not appear in photos. If you would prefer that your child should not appear in any photographs or videos, which includes group photos and selfies, please complete the opt out form. This will mean that a student stands to one side during group photos, or is only photographed from behind.

Photo opt-out form

Equal Opportunities and Discrimination

The Equality Act 2010

The UK is a diverse place where differences are valued and individuals have the right to equal treatment and acceptance, which means that all people are guaranteed equal access to services and employment whatever their identity.

Asia UK Schooling is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities through the way we manage our organisation and provide services to our staff and students. In order to express this commitment, we develop, promote and maintain policies that will be conductive to the principles of fairness and equality (see our Safeguarding Policy for our commitment to students).

Under The Equality Act 2010 the following characteristics are protected:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex and sexual orientation.

Asia UK Schooling recognises and encourages diversity, acceptance and equality. Discrimination is not tolerated within the company, or in its dealing with other agencies and organisations. It will not be tolerated or accepted with regards to any aspect of Asia UK Schooling’s services, including in the conduct of students and staff.

As such, Asia UK will not and cannot make decisions on accommodation based on a host’s gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or (dis)ability, or any other protected characteristic. Changes or requests which are in violation of the Equality Act 2010 will not be tolerated.

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