“We aim to develop lasting relationships between Chinese and British students through in school experiences and long term exchange programmes. Our vision is to assure mutually beneficial and communicative relationships between schools in the UK and China.”

Why take part in our Immersion Programme?

The immersion programme is a unique opportunity for students to deeply engage with another culture in their own country, as visiting students integrate into the host school’s culture and share their own. Visiting and home students live and study together, working closely and building lasting friendships. Immersion programmes usually last for around 1-3 weeks, although longer immersions can be arranged.

Visiting students follow the normal British timetable, settling into a new routine and lifestyle. Through shared experiences, students have plenty of time to bond and form friendships.

We offer a generous donation for hosting our students and cover students’ expenses during their stay.

Why take part in our Sister School Programme?

The sister school programme is a longer-term option for schools who wish to build a partnership with a school in China, providing opportunities for teacher training and student exchange options in China. The sister school partnership can be run as a continuation of, or in tandem with, short term immersion programmes.

Becoming a sister school can involve penpal exchanges, visits or special events – it is completely up to you and your sister school how you choose to build your partnership.

What does Asia UK Schooling provide?

Asia UK Schooling facilitates exchanges by supporting and managing the logistical, practical  aspects of the programme. We also provide a generous donation to the school for hosting our students during the school day.  We ensure that there is little to no impact on the normal running of the host school, which allows students and teachers to immerse themselves in the learning opportunities that the programme provides.

We provide bilingual staff to be on hand in school during the school day, and are responsible for all aspects of the students’ stay when off-site. In this way, you can be sure students are being supported during their time here, and have a point of contact for any concerns of queries.

Please contact us for more details of what Asia UK Schooling can provide for your school.

Where do students stay?

Students can either stay in homestays, or if your school has a boarding option our students can stay at the school during their time here. Asia UK Schooling recruits host families from parents from the host school (see Information for Host Families) and manages all aspects of accommodation.

How do I find out more?

To find out more, please contact us at auks@man.lc, or call 01273 978868.