What is the IB?

The IB is a qualification that can be taken in the UK as an alternative to A Level. The international baccalaureate is also a qualification recognised throughout Europe. It focuses heavily on developing student’s critical thinking skills. The IB diploma usually consists of examinations and marks in six different subjects (three at what is known as higher level and three at standard level). As well as taking six subjects, students who are taking the IB will also complete a compulsory philosophical course known as the ‘theory of knowledge course’; they will write a dissertation-style ‘extended essay’; and will complete a certain number of hours of sports, community service or volunteering.  

The IB is generally considered as a good preparation for university as it encourages independent working and thinking. Students will, for example, be expected to devise their own projects and titles.  

When do students take the IB?

Just like A Level, the IB programme is followed over the final two years of school, years 12 and 13 (age 16-18).  

When should students start preparing for the IB?

We recommend that students begin preparing for the IB in the summer before they begin the programme. This is the summer after year 11 (age 15/16).  

How can we help?

We offer tutoring in all IB subjects and can also support students following the ‘theory of knowledge’ course or preparing their extended essay. The aim of the IB is to foster independent and critical thinking and this is what our IB tutors will offer you. Tutors will provide you with stimulating material to encourage you to think about your topics in new and dynamic ways. They will also be on hand to explain and go through with you anything you are struggling with on your course. Their aim is to enable you to get the very best mark you can.  

As with all our tutoring programmes, our IB tutors will issue regular progress reports. This is especially important for students following the IB programme, as the more independent nature of the programme requires you to be responsible for your own progress and our tutors are here to aid you with this.  

Our IB tutoring serves not only to make sure students are prepared and confident in all aspects of this broad programme but also serves as an excellent preparation for university. Our tutors will push students to the very best of their ability encouraging them to develop a real passion for their subjects and aiding them in gaining fantastic marks.