Asia UK Schooling recruits host families from across Brighton & Hove to accommodate our visiting students. Students visit with us throughout the year and there are opportunities to host in summer and in winter.

What does a host family do?

The host family…

  • Helps visiting students to experience British family life
  • Provides accommodation and food
  • Provides a supportive, safe environment for our students, helping students settle in and make lasting friendships!

Why host one of our students?

  • If you are signing up to host students as part of our immersion programme, hosting offers the opportunity for your child to take part in the buddy scheme – your child will be paired with a visiting student during the school day, and will act as an ambassador during the programme. It’s an excellent chance for students to get a more special experience of the immersion programme. There is also the option for buddies to take part in the pen pal scheme after the programme.
  • Hosting is a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and learning!
  • Asia UK offers competitive rates to host families

Host families provide…

    • A bedroom, or space in your child’s room if providing an immersion homestay
    • Breakfast and dinner (including 1 hot meal per day)
    • 1 clothes wash per week
    • Internet/WiFi

Host families receive…

  • A competitive rate paid per night per student
  • Asia UK is on hand 24/7 to handle any issues or concerns

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