What are GCSE/ iGCSE examinations?

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is the major qualification taken by secondary school students in the UK. GCSE examinations are taken by students aged 15-16 (at the end of year 11). Students usually take GCSE examinations in a range of subjects including obligatory examinations in English, Maths and Science. GCSE examinations are graded between 1 and 9. 

iGCSE is extremely similar to GCSE but is an international qualification meaning the exams can be taken at test centres worldwide.  

Why are GCSE/ iGCSE examinations important?

We offer private tuition in all subjects at GCSE level with the aim of ensuring that our students achieve the very best grades. GCSE results will not only impact a student’s choice of sixth form or A-Level college but will also be taken into consideration by university admission committees.  

When do students take GCSE/ iGCSE examinations?

Students normally take GCSE examinations at the end of year 11 (age 15/16) 

When should students start preparing for GCSE/ iGCSE?

We recommend that students begin preparing for GCSEs at the end of Year 9 (age 14).  

How can we help?

Our tutors are all graduates of G5 Universities and will hold a degree in the subject they are tutoring. They will offer a customised programme of study covering the GCSE syllabus and focussing on any difficulties the student is experiencing. This means that the student will benefit from a learning programme entirely tailored to their need as well as one-to-one tutors who will be able to guide the student through any difficulties, challenges or problems.  

Our tutors provide comprehensive tuition and will implement authentic test materials and practice assessments into the lessons so that our students are as prepared as possible for their GCSE exams.  As the exam season approaches our tutors will deliver engaging revision lessons.  

Our tutors are committed to the progress of our students and provide full comprehensive reports. These allow the student to identify their strengths and difficulties and to easily track their progress.  

Our goal is that our students are both stimulated and prepared going into their GCSE exams and our tutors will be there to support them every step of the way.