What are A Level (IAL) examinations?

A Levels are advanced level qualifications which are necessary in order to attend University in the UK. Students normally take A Level examinations in 3-5 different subjects allowing them to specialise and focus their interests before beginning university. The A Level marking scheme gives grades between a U and A*.  

Why are A Level (IAL) examinations important?

A Level qualifications are essential if you want to attend university. Each university sets a minimum grade requirement. The top universities such as The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, Imperial College or any of the G5 universities normally require a minimum of 3 A grades.  

When do students take A Level (IAL) examinations?

Students normally take A Level examinations at the end of year 13 (age 17/18)

When should students start preparing for A Level?

We recommend that students begin prepare for A Level examinations at the end of year 11 (age 16).  

How can we help?

We offer tuition for A Level subjects. Your tutor will not only have received a top grade at A Level in the subject they are tutoring but will also hold or studying a degree in the subject from one of the best universities in the UK. They are the best people to tell you how to prepare for the exams and to help you grasp the challenging content covered by the A Level syllabus.  

As with all our programmes our A Level tutors provide a tailored learning programme for students. Our tutors deliver fascinating lessons which cover the breadth of the A Level curriculum and beyond. Our aim is to make sure that students are feel confident and secure with every aspect of the course so they can go on to achieve the very best marks and gain a place at one of the top universities.  

Not only do our tutors offer first-class teaching but they will also help students devise an effective revision plan centred around comprehensive revision lessons and practice papers. Our tutors will be able to give our students an insight into the way the exams are marked ensuring they know what they need to do to secure top marks.