by Alan Meng

My name is Alan. I stayed in England for thirteen days. We took the plane to England in July sixth, we took plane for fourteen hours. It’s a long time, we saw many films on the plane. When we arrived in London, China is in midnight. We slept in the London Hotel that night. We can’t sleep on that night, because we are all excited for London. 

The second day, we went to the Leicester square, there is a statue of Shakespeare and many old theatres. We also went to the China town, we went to the Covent Garden, there were many people make a living as a performer on the street. It’s very brilliant, we all clapped our hands happily. At last, we take the bus to travelled around London, and then we go back to the hotel. We all slept quickly, because we were all very tired, but, we are very happy.

The third day, we went to the Cambridge University. We visit the King college, the Trinity college. This college has a very long history and it’s very big. We also by boat on the Kang River, it’s very beautiful.

The fourth day, we went to the Madame Tussauds in London, there are many famous people’s waxen images in it, it just like the real one. We take many photos with the waxen images, we are very excited.

The other days, we all at school, when we are in school, we also remember the first three days, London is very beautiful, we all want to come to London some years later.

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