by Selena Zhang

Those days in a British School is very valuable. This is the first time I go abroad, I will never forget teachers and students there. People there are friendly and kindly. My partner Daisy is a quiet and smart student, I think may be she is a top student of her class. She introduced her school to me the first day I went there. This school is a little big, without her I will get lost possibly. 

I have had maths classes, English classes, German classes and so on. Teachers there don’t be as strict as Chinese teachers, they think every student has their own characters, they can’t change but catching their talent. Maybe different places have different opinions of education.

We have been looking at what they are doing in the dance or music classes. Students here was so interested in those classes that I think they are a little bit crazy. In the UK school, students have many kinds of subjects, students can choose by themselves. But we Chinese school only have subjects that will be recorded into the final scores.

I have learn so many things there. I think I should thank to my sister school. It let me know it is not difficult to go into a new environment. And caught my interests of going to different new environment.

In many years later, I will thank for this experience of exchange students. 

Thanks for all in this trip.

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