by Erica Li

I did many things with my host family. My host family is very nice and they’re very care about me. We eat breakfast and dinner together. We walk the dog together. We talk about everything after dinner together. And my host family has four people and a lovely dog. And my friends and I make a Chinese food called hot-pot to them. I know it’s not very good but they eat happily. We go shopping together together. And I’m very enjoy it. My friend and I tell them something about China. And they tell us something about UK. I enjoy talking with them. And my favorite thing is play chess with them. We play chess together and I can win the game. My English is not very good, but they always can know what I mean. They give us many food to choose and I think they can cook everything well. I  love them, I very love them. They try their best to make me feel like home. They’re my parents from UK forever.

Categories: Reflections