Some of our language school students had the opportunity to take part in an immersive English experience during their week in Brighton. They helped transform their school into an international village, by making shop windows, items for sale and signage. When the village opened, students had to use their English to buy medicine, book holidays and send letters to their families. It was a chance for them to practise some useful phrases they had learned over the week in school, and try to use their English to complete everyday tasks.

All students in the school were mixed for the international village, so elementary and advanced students from different nationalities participated side by side. It was a lovely way for students to end the week, before being presented with their certificates and celebrating a week of studying hard and learning lots!

Finally, they said goodbye to school and went for 3 days of travelling and sightseeing in the UK. Well done students!

  • Fast food restaurant
  • Clothes shop
  • Ready to travel!
  • Buying medicine
  • Everybody wants to send a postcard home!
  • Asking to buy a ticket
  • Goodbye school, well done students!
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