On Friday we said goodbye to our most recent group visiting a school in the South East of England. The students took part in a Farewell Ceremony led by the Headteacher of the English school.

The Farewell Ceremony is a chance for Chinese students to honour their stay in England and look back on the things they’ve learnt during their time surviving in an all English environment with a sense of achievement. This particular group had a lot to reflect on and be proud of including the experience of a UK boarding house, immersing themselves in the language inside and outside of class and learning about a new culture. During the Farewell Ceremony the Chinese students gave a presentation about their school and home back in China to share some of their life with their buddies and teachers and also shared gifts from home with the students and teaching staff at their English school to show their appreciation for being made to feel so welcome during their stay.

Near the end of the event our Chinese students were invited to receive their certificates to confirm the successful completion of their immersion programme. Then it was time to finish packing and get ready to leave. There was time for another round of goodbyes to teachers and buddies before returning to China with lots of memories made with new friends.


  • 校长讲话
    A farewell speech by the English headteacher
  • 学生们给他们最喜欢的老师送礼物
    Exchanging gifts with their favourite teachers
  • 交换礼物
    Exchanging gifts with the headteacher
  • 老师说再见
    Teachers say goodbye to each other
  • 交换礼物
    Teachers exchange gifts
  • 颁发证书
    Awarding certificates
  • 告别我们的学生
    Goodbye students!
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