What is the 13+?

The 13+ entrance exam is required as part of the admissions process for the top UK private schools.  

When do students take the 13+?

 The 13+ is normally taken by students in year 8 (age 12/13). Whether the exam is taken in November, January, May or June depends on which school the student is applying to.  

When should students start preparing for the 13+?

The 13+ is more challenging than the 11+ and therefore takes longer to prepare for. We recommend that students begin preparation for the 13+ entrance exam at the end of year 6 (age 11).   

What does the 13+ consist of?

 The 13+ entrance exams are made up of compulsory tests in English and Maths. However, students are often required to take additional exams in a range of subjects including: Science, History, Geography and Languages. The precise nature of the required exams will depend on which school the student is applying to.

How can we help?

We offer 13+ entrance exam tuition which is tailored to the school and subjects our students are applying to. Our tuition programme focusses on ensuring that our students have a strong foundation in all core subjects (English, Maths and Science). Our tutors will then focus on teaching students how to apply this knowledge to complex questions and problems. At this stage, examiners and schools are not only looking for students who are able to recall information but who can think critically and creatively in order to produce answers. This makes for extremely dynamic and interesting lessons which our students always love.  

Our 13+ tuition programme is centred around the specific tests that our students will be taking. We tailor our programme to the desired school. This means we aim to ensure that all students are familiar with the exam papers by implementing as much authentic material into our lessons. Our tutors will also issue comprehensive progress reports. This allows the student to see how well they are doing and to keep track of their progress easily.